About Us

About Experticity

eXperticity connects the world’s top brands, retailers and influential product experts to create better buying experiences for everyone involved. Our customized online training and rewards solutions educate and motivate the people who live, breathe and sell products they care about.

The industry enthusiast. The information seeker. The industry pro. The everyday teacher whose classroom just happens to be the sales floor or the mountainside — since that’s where their hard-earned wisdom helps others decide what to buy.

Which skis will float in powder, yet shred through corn snow? Will better dog food really put more pep in my pooch's step? Which facial cream will complement my skin type?

Consumers listen to experts who know their stuff. In fact, 75 percent of prospects buy a product when an expert recommends it, and they spend 50 percent more after talking with a knowledgeable salesperson.

eXperticity builds expertise and puts it to work during the retail experience. The result? Brands and retailers gain increased sales, improved operations and enhanced consumer loyalty. Customers enjoy knowledgeable guidance and an overall positive experience.